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cartoon by Bruce Plante
The Friday Five

When was the last time you...

1. ...sent a handwritten letter?
That's hard to remember - probably the closest thing to a letter I've written was to my great aunt last year for her birthday. She's the only relative I have that doesn't have email.

2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand? The last time I baked it was for a party - I ended up making about 10 dozen cookies. I've been meaning to make Sweet Dave some of my family's homemade biscuits, just haven't gotten around to it.

3. ...camped in a tent? Last summer on an island by my house with my dog.

4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community? I haven't volunteered in awhile, probably the last time was for SpringFest (a music festival here) or at an aid station for a local race. Dave and I are thinking of doing the Big Brother/Big Sister thing maybe.

5. ...helped a stranger? This morning actually, the guy in front of me at the grocery store need two pennies and I have a wallet full of change. So I gave him my .02. Heh.


New York, New York

For a city with a lot of bad news all the time, I like finding some good stuff.

Life-size dog statues are to shortly to appear on New York's streets to raise money for police dog search and rescue units.

Check out the New World Trade Center design. I like that they will be having more that that steel beam as a memorial. Apparently they'll be planting 2833 trees with a name plaque for each person who died.
Llamas, and dodos, and camels, OH MY!

Beware of low-flying llamas.


New Digs

Hope you like the new design. I was going for some kind of random, clean, mismatched tiles kind of thing. I'm digging it, so it's up for awhile. I'm sure it will change in a few months as my restless eyes get tired of seeing the same thing.

I've done away with the quotes of the day, it was becoming more of a pain than it was worth. I'm sure they'll turn up randomly in my posts instead.


Bold Admission

Guy #1:"Would you believe I'm walking down the street in the middle of the day with this pot plant?"
Guy #2: "Would you believe I'm a cop?"




I'm sponsoring a small victory this time around. She's doing it for the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

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Jen Is

Fredo started it and I'm continuing it. Just type your name and "is" all in quotes and see what you are.

Jen is the coolest person ever. Yes she is.
Jen is committed to a dialogue leading to the integration of Chinese and Christian faith. I think you have me confused with someone else.
Jen is angry about Natalie coming to see Cristian, but promises him she won't let that anger get in the way of their relationship. And if it wasn't for that amnesia from the car accident, I would remember that Cristian is my long lost son that I shouldn't be in love with. And what if he's the baby's father?
Jen is 34 2000, oil on panel 36"x24". Nice measurments, huh?
Jen is a collection of reflections of those I have already passed through and contemplation of those that are waiting for me. Wow, that was deep.
Jen is an exceptional person who is to be worshipped and adored at all times. I totally agree. Let the worshipping begin.
Jen is frequently up to something. And?
Jen is 11. Hey, just because I don't act my real age...
Jen is een gezamenlijke uitgave van de Nederlandse en Vlaamse Esperanto-Jongerenverenigingen. Easy for you to say.
Jen is a city girl, forced to come live in Capeside with her grandparents after her parents caught her having sex on their bed. Oops.
Jen is a fantastic lady yall!!! Giddy up!


The Friday Five- The Abode Edition

1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? We live in a four bedroom house.

2. Do you rent or own? Right now we rent this house. We'll be looking for a new one to buy soon I think.

3. Does anyone else live with you? Sweet Dave and the dog.

4. How many times have you moved in your life? That I remember - 8.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? Mostly recovering from the Atlanta trip - tonight is tennis, tomorrow night we're playing cards with the parents, and Sunday maybe the beach.

And I just have to post this, I just think it's hilarious. I don't know how long it will stay up - I'm sure for the right price they'll get it.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the new M&M color has been announced.



I remember the first time like it was yesterday.

I was nervous and I think he was. We'd had a long night of eating dinner, drinking, listening to the band, and equally fun conversation. It was our first date and we were getting along quite well.

He was driving me back to my car and I noticed as he was talking, defending his preference for Warrant actually, that he had a mint in his mouth. I looked down and smiled coyly because I was hoping he'd kiss me. I rummaged through my purse to find a piece of gum because Cajun food and beer really don't make for the most kissable breath.

He walked me to my car and I told him I wanted to see him again. And he planted it on me.

Sweet, soft, first, butterfly-inducing kiss.

I was giddy all the way home. I couldn't sleep for about 3 hours.
Definitely me.

I'm a 2, what are you?



Seems Audiogalaxy has blocked all of their songs. No news on their website, no emails to their users, just blocked. Maybe it has something to do with their court thing with RIAA. RIAA SUCKS ASS.

There, I said it.

Guess I'm going to watch some cat boxing now.
Snoochie Boochies

So we're back. And let me just say that my abs still ache from seeing David Cross. His audience seemed very divided on some of his commentary, but I found the majority of it pretty hilarious. His Kansas City drunk story had me in tears,literally. He did stay after to sign stuff and take pictures, but being as how we got in trouble for trying to take a camera in in the first place, we decided to catch a taxi instead. Oh, and we're going to watch the Mr. Show episodes DVD ASAP.

We also saw Jewel in Chastain Park. I wouldn't call myself a Jewel fan, but she was pretty entertaining. If you ever get the chance to see anyone there, don't hesitate. It's definitely one of the best outdoor amphitheaters I've been to. The atmosphere was just so perfect.

And I just have to say that I wish I'd seen the Nickelodeon show last night. It still amazes me that someone can say, "It is a cover for promoting homosexuality for kids," (Andrea Lafferty, the coalition's executive director). Yeah, I was just flipping through the channels and whoops, it totally changed my lifestyle.

And on a more positively, fun note, Movie Poop Shoot has been launched. It's a good day.


Retro Friday Five

No Friday Five again today, so I'm doing one from October:

1. What's your favorite time of day? Early morning when everything is still quiet and just starting to wake up. I used to run at this time in the morning. It made my runs very enjoyable.

2. What's your least favorite time of day? Can I count all work hours? No, I really do love my job, probably when I get cranky just before dinner or sleep.

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Strange, I used to be a night owl until about 5 years ago, now I'm definitely a morning person.

4. If you had an entire worry- and obligation-free day, what would you do with it? Probably depends on my mood. Either have an action-packed day with bike riding and exploring or just simply relaxing in a park with a really good book.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Sweet Dave and I are off to Atlanta for the weekend. We are catching a Braves/Red Sox game, David Cross and UltraBabyFat (thanks brittney), and Jewel. I guess you could say it's an extended birthday present for him.

Have a great weekend and beware of street sweepers and the Bloop. See you on Tuesday.


Here It Is

Apparently the world is in a desperate search for deep-fried twinkies and the poor souls keep happening on my site. Well, here's the information for deep-fried twinkies if you're interested.

There could be worse search requests making it to my site I guess. I'm not even going to say it.
Fear #137

Great, something else I'm afraid of now.


I Dream Of Schnauzers

I had the strangest dream last night (odd how my posts often start off with that). As in most of my strange dreams, it took place in the house where I grew up.

There were several people sitting in the living room relaxing. All of a sudden someone says that the dog just died. Everyone kind of crowds around him very concerned. I'm standing back from the crowd seeing nothing wrong, because in my eyes the dog is walking around panting and looking at everyone. Apparently I am witnessing the dog's out of body experience. I don't grasp this at the time, obviously, and I say, "He's not dead, he's sitting right here", as I pet him. Everyone looks at me like I have a stalk of corn protruding from my head and returns to consoling eachother.

The day continues and I keep seeing the dog. By this time I have realized that what I'm now seeing must be the ghost of the dog. I keep trying to tell everyone, but noone believes me. They all chalk it up to my "crazy antics". Even one time, the dog runs into the leg of this guy, resembling a very tall Bill Clinton. He exclaimed that something just hit him in the leg, but noone saw anything. Exasperated, I continued with my plea for someone to believe me that I could still see the dog. Still, noone did.

Then, Jeb Bush came up next to me, put his arm around me, and told me that he understood. That everything would be okay and the world will still go 'round. And I thought, "Wow, this guy is really creepy."

And then, I woke up. This one really confused me, as usually I dream about some twisted, warped version of what happened to me that day or something I'd been dreading or thinking about. So apparently I'm really dreading seeing ghosts and political figures. Maybe I need some therapy.



I pretty regularly read my horoscope. I guess I half believe in them and half don't. It's hard for me to believe that everyone with my sign is having the same kind of day. Kind of like it's hard for me to believe that everyone who was born my year has the same qualities from the Chinese zodiac symbols. Maybe I just haven't delved far enough into what they all mean. Anyway, they're entertaining. Here are the latest -

This could prove to be one of the best days you've had in a long time, Jen. Relations with colleagues and superiors alike should go very well, and communication is especially clear and open. Paperwork should flow across your desk like water over a dam, and you should derive a lot of satisfaction from what you accomplish today. In the evening: get together with people who share your interests. Some interesting discussions could take place!

Awfully optimistic, even for me.

Even if part of you might be craving a little action today, there are bound to be some other issues that'll be keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground right now. But even if certain matters end up occupying most of your attention today, you shouldn't feel too bad about it. You probably ought to avoid stirring up too much trouble right now anyway.

Me? Stir up trouble....naaaaah.

And my favorite, from The Onion:
You will learn the hard way that climbing a mountain isn't the kind of thing to do drunk. But you promised.

Things are becoming stale around here, I'm thinking a new design may be in order. I'm currently seeking inspiration. Maybe the grafitti on the wall of my building - "We will rise up and tear down your house of cards" will do it. Maybe something summery since it's my favorite season. Who knows..check back...


No Friday Five it seems again, so I've decided to make up my own.

The Work Desk

1. What are the pictures of on your desk? Sweet Dave, a St. John bay, me dressed up as an indian with my friend Kelly, Grayton beach at the Red Bar, me running a marathon at mile 21, one of me on the ferry coming back from the Statue of Liberty with the New York skyline in the background, and the picture the waitress took just after Dave popped the question.

2. What is your current wallpaper? Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on a little dock looking out over some water.

3. What is the newest item on your desk? Other than the notepad that I just picked up from the supply room, it's a Star Wars, Episode II action figure of Taun We of Kamino.

4. What else is running right now on your computer? Winamp, Windows Explorer and 4 Delphi development environments.

5. In 5 words or less, how would someone describe you by looking at your desk? Immature, messy, caring, healthy, happy.

And this just makes my day. Because you know I have the WonderJen powers.


Thursday's Mixture

And now for this weeks news and disturbing search requests:

Suprise, surprise! (That works best if you exclaim it like Gomer Pile.) USA wins!!

This makes me happy. Well, not that people are finding out about it, just the fact that they're happy enough and ready to get married. And if it's celebrities you're into, some of their personal pictures are up for sale.

This scares me a little. And they were visiting for more than ten minutes. Maybe I should open a e-store selling such items.

Yours too? I know, it sucks.

I know, isn't it? Amazing how I'm living it a little more every day. Yes, I'm talking about you.

Now this is my kind of reality television show. Beer good.


Adjust, my ass

"The Bush administration has, for the first time, issued a report that says manmade emissions are tied to global warming and predicts that temperature changes will deeply affect the United States"

Well, duh.

Here's an overview, and here's the real report. I think it's pretty alarming to say the least. I am glad that they are recognizing there's a potential problem. It's the "solution" I have a problem with. The fact that were just going to have to "adjust" and live with the changes. Hello? It's preventable.

In other news, the Boss is back. Great.

And remember the kid who was going to get kicked out of school because her mom was a stripper? Well, she did quit, but now she's in Playboy.

And what's better than a Twinkie. Not much, in my humble, sweets-addict opinion. How about a deep-fried Twinkie? I don't think that even I can eat that.


Blogger Insider, v 2.0

A little late, but better late than never (she does have a new baby AND her email was down for a week). This round's partner was Alicia from Panacea:

1. Does the name "Deep Blue Day" have any specific meaning to you or did you just randomly pick the title? Well, when I think of the three words together, I imagine this very beautiful, warm day and that makes me happy. And I do love Brian Eno, only with headphones on though.

2. When it comes to meeting others in person, what influences your first impression the most, body language, how the person is dressed, or what and how they speak? Although the other two play a pretty big part too, probably the way they speak. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how well they're versed.

3. When it comes to scents, what are your favorite five, and if you care to share, what do they conjure up in your mind? (1) cookies baking - probably just make me hungry (2), fresh cut grass - from when I was a kid sitting in the grass with my dad, (3) puppy breath - weird, I know, reminds me how happy they are, (4) men's cologne - makes me feel safe and loved - probably from my dad, and (5) salt water - there's nothing like the smell of fresh salt water when you're headed to the beach with your windows down.

4. What song repeatedly gets stuck in your head? Is it one you like or is irritating (which of course makes it stick around even more)? Unfortunately last weekend it was Shake Shake Shake, Shake Your Booty - great, now I'll be singing that all day. Most of the time it's the annoying songs that I hate that get stuck - and that pisses me off even more.

5. If you were a wall in your house which one and what room would you be in and why? Ummm...the back living room wall I guess. You can see pretty much all of what's going on in the house and best of all, have the prime spot for watching any movies.

6. I am very partial to the Dreyer's Twix Ice Cream, but what is your favorite ice cream or dessert? Probably ice cream too, although I really like light desserts like strawberry shortcake.

7. You mentioned way back in April that if you could do any hobby (had the time/money, etc.) that you would like to travel. Where do you want to go the most? Also, are you a hotel or camping/hostel type traveler? Well, we're planning the honeymoon for Costa Rica - that's one of the places I've always dreamed of being able to visit. I also always thought it would be pretty amazing to visit Austrailia, Italy, and Sweden. I guess it's really not so much where I go, just as long as I get to have some new experiences.

8. Looks like we both have the spider-crawling-in-the-mouth-fear, as well as one for clowns. Other than these two (isn't that enough?) what would you consider a great fear of yours? Probably just being physically harmed. I don't like being in my house alone - especially asleep - I'm pretty spooked by noises and my mind invariably wonders.

9. If you could have one gigantic stuffed animal and no one would make fun of you or laugh at the idea, what animal would it be? A giant, soft SpongeBob

10. When it comes to picture taking do you just keep snapping or do you take your time, get the background, lighting and all that good stuff just right before snapping? No preparation at all. I love angles and have recently become infatuated with the color red in pictures.

11. If you were required to carry around one single item with you wherever you went, (work, bedroom, bathroom, car, etc.) which item would you chose and why? candy - what can I say? I'm addicted.