Analyze This.
Well, I am leaving way too early in the morning to fly to Vegas and the Grand Canyon for vacation. So I will not be here for a week or so - ugh, I hate internet withdrawal. So I thought I'd leave you with last night's dream. Feel free to discuss/analyze/freak out/admit me for treatment.

I am standing in the pretty dark room and I can kind of tell there's a very heavy curtain in front of me. I can just barely see some light underneath the curtain and there is some extra noise behind it, people chattering, etc. All of a sudden, the curtain opens and I am front and center about to perform for The Gong Show. Only it's Leeza and Dave Letterman as the hosts. All I could think of was 'Stupid Pet Tricks' and thought I should be doing some of my own 'Stupid Human Tricks'. Apparently the only song I can think of is telepathically transmitted to the pianist and I start to sing "Suwanee River". Oh God, anything but that.

So I'm so embarassed I stare down at my feet and realize I've got big fluffy Sponge Bob shoes on. I get really excited because I didn't even know they sold those. I check out the rest of my outfit and it's uh, nothing. Nada. Zilch. I'm totally naked, besides my awesome shoes, singing Suwanee River on The Gong Show. I have reached my all-time low.

No wait. Now I have reached my all-time low - I've been gonged.

So Dave and Leeza come over to talk to me and give the usual pseudo-apologies for getting gonged. Leeza asks, "So, tell us about this new-fangled blogging phenomenon."

That's it. Go ahead, try and figure that one out.
What a gentleman.

Looks like somebody forgot to take their Zoloft.

We actually watched some of the hearing last night for the fight that was supposed to happen that may not ever happen. This after he's accused of rape again, throwing Christmas ornaments at reporters, and who knows what else. Someone's going to still let him fight, I bet.

I didn't see the entire thing, but the parts that I saw I was actually pretty shocked at what he was saying in his defense. Something along the lines of "I did what the doctors told me, I payed for my medication, I read the pamphlets. I did everything the doctors told me to do." You have got to be kidding me. Read the pamphlets?!? Paid for your medication?!? What happened to anger management treatment and therapy? That is the main problem, right?

Why this guy is still allowed to fight is beyond me.


So I have a couple of email addresses. The one that frustrates me the most is my hotmail account. The original reason I got it I can't remember but I think it was so I could IM some of my friends who used MSN Messenger.

What frustrates me so much is the amount of spam I get at that address. I have put filters and such so that most of the mail goes automatically to the Junk Mail folder, but when I see the number I get daily (upwards of 50), I wonder who actually takes those things seriously (besides porn addicts). If I took those email seriously I would have (1) the lowest mortgage rate on the planet (2) not debt, thanks to some crazy debt consolidation program, (3) a 15-inch penis (probably not a good idea), (4) a rock-hard body in 2 days, (5) drugs galore, and (6) all day porn.

I actually got one yesterday that had as the subject "I found your wallet". I've gotten similar ones before, but this time it got me thinking. Who actually thinks "Oh, I must have lost it and they found my email address in it?", then opens the email, realizes is porn, then says "Wow, this is not exactly what I was expecting, but yeah, I would love to pay the small fee to check out "!!!Britney Spears HARDCORE!!! Free Pictures". Are they really making a lot of money from tactics like that? I guess they wouldn't be doing it if they weren't. I forgot to mention one of my other problems, I do tend to answer my own questions.

I guess I'm just a spam-hater. And I know there are a lot of us out there. It's just so annoying - like getting telemarketing phone calls. And seeing this article makes me want to get them all back.


A Poem For You
Check this out - just put in a url and it generates a poem of the content. Here's one of mine from this site:

Deep Blue Day Incomplete Sentences
Daily life out of other peoples lives?
Just moved in her own documentary.
Does this is not
being able to vote
for the game
the sucked I turn them
off. That was depressed or
I like the movie all but I like
a lot of my
shoe fell apart so
confused about 30 minutes
Until about 83
times until I swear I cooked or were so
much but why does
anyone really want to see
what exactly the
Beer Mission accomplished.

And, your Bush for the day:

Bushisms and Look-Alikes
courtesy of Taya

Also, overheard this morning while waiting for the elevator:
Tall casual guy: "Overall, I think Bush has done a pretty good job with everything...considering."
Regular suit guy: "Considering...."
Tall casual guy: "Considering that he's a complete moron."

heh heh.
"She was stuck there for quite a long time." Flushed with Anger -- Sky Toilet Horror

"We were so lucky, it's unbelievable." Pilot Survives Two Successive Crashes

Maybe I shouldn't be reading stories about airplane incidents days before we go to Vegas. Hmmmm.
Must go spread some cheer, I guess.

See what Care Bear you are.

Funny thing is, my mom actually gave me this bear when I was about 13 and she was all worried that I was depressed or something. Turns out I was just a teenage female.
Weekend Update:

'Following' was good - I swear I must have said "I'm so confused" about 83 times until about 10 minutes from the end. I liked it a lot - it was very similar to 'Memento'. Watched 'Evolution' too since Dave had never seen it - pretty funny. Hopfully we'll get 'Anniversary Party' in before we go to Las Vegas.

Saturday night we dressed up 60s style and went to a pretty fun party hosted by the 'Hip Huggers' group. I'll have to post some pictures we took with Dave's camera as soon as he emails them to me. My shoe fell apart so I ended up not being able to dance that much, but we still had a pretty good time.

Sunday we had Christmas with my step dad finally and I got tennis lessons, shoes and a great t-shirt and hat. I guess I had mentioned at some point that when I slowed down from running so much that I wanted to take lessons. I'm really excited about those - hopefully I can start playing pretty regularly. Then Dave and I met his brother at Hooters to watch the games and drink a lot of beer. Mission accomplished.


So I watched the movie Tortilla Soup last night - ugh. Maybe if I cooked or were the least bit hispanic I would have enjoyed it. It was entertaining. That's what I always say when I can watch a movie all the way through without turning it off. Now Get Carter , on the other hand, holy crap that sucked. I usually give movies about 30 minutes until I turn them off. That was a very painful 30 minutes.

So up for this weekend is The Anniversary Party and Following. I'm really excited about 'Following' , probably because I liked Memento so much. Are you writing this down, Lenny?
I am SO watching this. Phish on 'Simpsons' April 7.

EMI dumps Mariah Carey. Finally! And for only $28 Million, poor thing.

New Garfield Movie. This is not going to be pretty.

Indy 4 next up for Spielberg. Yawn.


Guess the Beer Label OK, I know I like beer and all, but I had no idea that I'm this good. 12 for 12 baby.
Atari Rocks.
Activision presents, for its 20th anniversary... Pitfall! The game the sucked the life out of me as a child.
Cool, I'm toxic!

Drink me!

Which drink are you?
Lewinsky stars in her own documentary. Does anyone really want to see this? Maybe people are just curious, but why is this so different from what happens in thousands of other peoples lives? Just because he lied about it? Whatever. Go back to selling your cute little purses, Mon.
This Is Me.
So about me - I'm a software engineer for a good company. I am 30 and divorced. Why does this already sound like a personal ad?

I am seriously dating someone - Dave - he actually just moved in with me at the beginning of this month. And it's a very good thing.

My Captain Underpants name is Poopsie Hamster Brain.

I run. I'm going to run the Las Vegas Marathon next week. It will be my last then I'm going to concentrate on shorter distances.

I am a music, movie and pop culture junkie. I think a lot of my generation is.

I don't like George Bush (which I'm sure I'll talk about here) and I did vote, but not for him. I voted for Nader, which probably helped W, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for Gore. I'm an independent. I don't like politics, or I guess I should say I don't like the majority of politicians.

Oh, and I don't like collard greens or anchioves.


Day One.
The first day. After reading and reading and reading so many blogs I've decided to do my own. I'm not sure at this point what exactly the purpose of it will be except a snapshot of my billions of daily thoughts. My name is Jen. Hi Jen.